Your configuration. Under control.

Store, manage and deploy application configuration securely with Occson.

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Organize configuration

With workspaces, you have fine-grained control. Zero-trust encryption keeps your secrets safe.

Manage access

Share workspaces with your team. Manage programatic access with tokens.

Monitor activity

Track and audit events, so you always know what happened. No surprises.

Designed for security

We utilize a zero-trust encryption scheme. That means you - and only you - can decrypt your configuration. All the encryption is done on the client side, so we only ever see the encrypted content, and we cannot know what is your passphrase.

Neither a data breach nor a government agency order can put your security at risk. Learn more.

Designed for security

Organize your configuration

We know that one size does not fit all, so with Workspaces we put the power into your hands. After all, it's your configuration - you know best how to organize it.

Items within the workspace are identified with paths - it's as simple and as powerful as a remote, encrypted filesystem. We also offer higher-level abstractions through our integrations.

Configuration flows freely

Manage access for humans and robots

Every workspace has its own list of invited users, so you get full control over who can access what. You can also refine everyone's access level further with our role-based permission system.

You can manage programmatic access with tokens. Use read-only tokens for your deployments, and read/write tokens anywhere you need to update your configuration. Token compromised? Not a problem - disabling it takes three clicks.

Add your team and collaborate seamlessly

Monitor activity with Events

We like knowing what's up, and we bet you do, too. That's why we make a record of everything that happens. Who created this configuration? When was that workspace updated? You can easily answer these questions, and more.

Whether for a routine audit or a post-mortem investigation, you get full visibility at all times.

Monitor activity with events

Programatic access

Sometimes ready-made libraries just don't cut it. You can integrate Occson into your workflow easily through our REST API.

Do you live on the command line? So do we! That's why we include a powerful CLI as a first-class citizen in our toolkit. Get started.

Programatic access


No hidden costs, no usage rates, no surprises. As simple as everything else.

  • 1 workspace
  • 100 documents / workspace
  • 1 user / worskpace
  • No webhooks
  • No events
  • E-mail support
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  • 3 workspaces
  • Unlimited documents / workspace
  • 10 users / workspace
  • 3 webhooks
  • No events
  • E-mail support
$29 / month
  • Unlimited workspace
  • Unlimited documents / workspace
  • Unlimited users / workspace
  • Unlimited webhooks
  • Unlimited events
  • Priority e-mail support
$99 / month